Security measures

Finbond Mutual Bank's Online Security Measures

Finbond Mutual Bank Internet Banking utilises a number of security mechanisms to increase your online banking security to prevent online identity theft and other online fraud threats.

Your security is our priority, which is why we have a number of systems in place to ensure that your risk of being defrauded of all your money is reduced. This includes the following:

1. A two-step logon system

You can only log on to the system if you have registered as a user with a personalised access account number and PIN. When logging on, the screen requests your account number and PIN as well as a password and certain randomly-generated characters (Captcha).

2. SMS alerts of Internet Banking logon activity

To ensure that you are kept abreast of all activity on your Internet Banking, every time you logon you will receive an SMS alert, free of charge. In the event that you have not logged on to Internet Banking, you will be able to alert us by calling 0860 004 249.

3. One-time verification passwords

When creating a new beneficiary, changing transfer limits, or other kinds of sensitive transactions, a special one-time password, called a Random Verification Number (RVN), will be sent to your cellphone. You must type this into the indicated field for verification. Just before the payment is made, another one-time password will be sent to your cellphone, called a Transaction Verification Number (TVN) to confirm the transaction. These passwords can only be used once, and dramatically decrease the risk of being defrauded.

4. Verisign Security Certificates to verify the encryption of the website

Verisign, a public key certificate issuer, has endorsed Finbond Mutual Bank’s Internet Banking site as a secure and encrypted transactional banking site, and has issued Finbond Mutual Bank with a certificate to that effect. The Lock and Key icon that appears at the top or the bottom of your browser is indicative of this and you can click this icon for more information on the security certificate.

5. Multiple firewalls to restrict access

Our Internet Banking makes use of multiple firewalls to ensure that only clients with valid access credentials can access the service.

6. Advanced Encryption Software

We use the most advanced internationally accepted standards of encryption technology. At present, this is 128-bit encryption built into the browsers; therefore, it is always in your best interest to update your browser to the latest released version.

7. Website timeout and automatic logout

If you have logged into Internet Banking and there is no activity in that session for a period of time, you will be automatically logged out.

8. 3-password failure resulting in account suspension

If the incorrect PIN or password is entered three times consecutively, the Internet Banking service will be temporarily suspended.

You will be logged off in seconds.

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